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Business overview

A company specializing in material which synthesizes and provides various types of BN materials

In the last 10 years, Nexterials has successfully commercialized the results of BN material studied at UNIST and is thus providing the world’s best quality Boron Nitride materials. We are also committed to discovering business areas of BN application parallelly with research on the application of the new material called BN to the industry.

For example, BN can be used as additives to the electrolyte membrane of a hydrogen fuel battery(proton exchange membrane fuel cell: PEMFC) as well as the cathode current collector coating for the next generation secondary battery(lithium battery, lithium-sulfur battery, solid state battery); and apart from this, Nexterials will continue to aggressively research BN material application for the industry and will also pursue various joint development works with many companies that are interested in BN application.

Use of Lithium metal cathode for the next generation secondary battery
  • Lithium metal with a very high ion capacity of 3860 mAh/g is newly emerging as the next generation cathode material.
  • Next generation battery made of lithium metal can lead to a significant improvement of energy density.
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Graphite cathode based Silicon based synthetic material cathode based ultra-thin lithium cathode based Anode-free based
Performance 200 ~ 250 Wh/kg
600 Wh/L
250 ~ 300 Wh/kg
700 Wh/L
400 ~ 500 Wh/kg
1200 Wh/L
500 ~ 700 Wh/kg
1400 Wh/L
characteristics Battery anode technology being commercialized Graphite/silicon mixed cathode: improvement of energy density Use of lithium metal cathode for high energy density Highest energy density
cons lowest energy density low energy density and relatively poor lifespan characteristics lithium dendrite formation can degrade the cathode reversibility and the lifespan characteristics poorest lifespan characteristics
Hydrogen fuel battery(Proton exchange membrane fuel cell, PEMFC)
  • By adding the peeled off BN powder to the electrolyte membrane, it is possible to improve the durability of the fuel battery as the BN powder prevents the movement of hydrogen gas.
Product information
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BN material